Vivatmo me

Schmittgall HEALTH worked with Bosch Healthcare Solutions to develop the creative lead idea "My Asthma Radar" to market the Vivatmo me product.

BOSCH Guiding Idea Asthma Radar
BOSCH Guiding Idea Asthma Radar
BOSCH Guiding Idea Asthma Radar
BOSCH Guiding Idea Asthma Radar

The initial situation

By measuring the biomarker FeNO in the air we breathe, it is possible to keep an eye on the progression of asthma. The world's first FeNO home monitoring device, Vivatmo me from Bosch Healthcare Solutions, provides an indication of the current inflammatory state of the airways. The value output can help people with severe asthma to self-monitor their condition.

The challenge

The biomarker FeNO and the potential of its measurement for the quality of life of asthmatic patients were unknown to most of them. Therefore, in addition to raising awareness of the product, the main focus was on raising awareness of the added value of the biomarker FeNO among asthma patients.

The Insight

People with severe asthma often limit themselves out of uncertainty about acute symptoms of their disease. Many would like to have a prediction of how their asthma will progress so that they can better plan their daily lives and dare to do activities that they often exclude out of fear.

The creative twist

Most people use the weather forecast to plan their daily lives. My Asthma Radar" has a similar function. The launch campaign shows various target group characters who, thanks to the innovative device, plan their activities - which are supposedly unspectacular for those not affected.
With the help of various online measures, the target group finds its way to the newly launched website and the associated online store.

The result

Knowledge about the biomarker FeNO, attention to the new product from Bosch Healthcare Solutions - but above all, support in planning the daily lives of those affected and the opportunity to positively influence the therapy together with the attending physician: The launch campaign for the vivatmo me ensures patient empowerment.

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