Dr. Kade Besins - Testogel
Dr. Kade Besins - Testogel
Dr. Kade Besins - Testogel
Dr. Kade Besins - Testogel

The initial situation

Men with testosterone deficiency often buckle in the face of life's challenges - they sag at work, in their partnership or in other important areas of life - and often don't know why. Since 2020, we have therefore been raising awareness of the problem for Testogel® from Besins Healthcare with the multi-award-winning "Sagging" campaign and prompting discussions with doctors. This has already been successful in raising awareness of symptoms and reducing fear of contact among the target groups of patients, their partners and general practitioners.

The challenge

Urologists are now also to be addressed with an enhanced campaign. Unlike the previous target groups, the focus is not on awareness, but on the USP of the unique Testogel® dispenser.

The Insight

In contrast to other forms of testosterone substitution, the Testogel® dosage dispenser enables individualization of the therapy, as the patient can adjust the dosage according to need and life situation.

The creative twist

The campaign visualizes - analogous to the previous communication - wooden stand-up men with "sagging". The figures depict different types of men, and the postures illustrate symptoms such as fatigue, lack of strength, depression, sexual reluctance, and erectile dysfunction. Especially for the new specialist target group, the messages convey the dosage option for the diversity of patients, which can be adjusted through the product dispenser.

The result

The campaign "As individual as your patients" is accompanied by appropriate measures for field sales communication and played in high-reach trade media. The USP of the product, the customizable dosing of Testogel®, is moving into the focus of the target group, which is increasingly prescribing the product.

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