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The initial situation

Nordic Pharma GmbH wants to highlight the advantages of its Nordimet® MTX ready-to-use pen for people suffering from rheumatism compared to conventional methotrexate (MTX) pens with a new, fresh campaign and position the product sustainably in the specialist target group of rheumatologists.

The challenge

In order to not only enable people with rheumatism to receive therapy with the active ingredient methotrexate (MTX), but also to facilitate treatment by prescribing it appropriately, rheumatologists need to know and understand the benefits of the product.

The Insight

Methotrexate pens can only help if patients are able to handle the application of the pen. Since rheumatoid arthritis is associated with considerable movement restrictions, a product such as the Nordimet® MTX ready-to-use pen can be more than just a relief. Thanks to touchless autoinjection, sufferers do not have to press a trigger button to activate the application - a clear advantage in therapy and a clear plus compared to conventional MTX pens as well as in second- and third-line therapy.

The creative twist

In the "Thumbs Up for Keyless" campaign, the new key visual puts the product's USP, keyless auto-injection, conspicuously in focus: the raised thumb symbolizes that it can pause because it does not have to press a trigger button to activate the application.

The result

Various materials motivate Nordimet® sales representatives, who in turn successfully roll out the campaign to the specialist target group. The product becomes the focus of the target group, which, thanks to the clear added-value communication, increasingly prescribes the Nordimet® MTX prefabricated pen without buttons - and thus provides relief for many rheumatoid hands.

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