Liprolog 200®
from Berlin-Chemie AG

Berlin-Chemie Liprolog
Berlin-Chemie Liprolog
Berlin-Chemie Liprolog
Berlin-Chemie Liprolog

The initial situation

With the Liprolog® 200 units/ml KwikPen®, BERLIN-CHEMIE AG is adding a modern ready-to-use pen for people with diabetes to its portfolio. Thanks to its one-button operation, KwikPen® allows insulin to be injected with little effort, making it easy to use even for people with limited motor skills.

The challenge

Patients often use the same insulin pen model for a long time, despite difficulties in handling it. In order to make them aware of the new possibilities of the Liprolog® 200 units/ml KwikPen®, the aim was to communicate the product sustainably and succinctly to healthcare professionals via field staff.

The Insight

People with diabetes and motor impairments of the hands are often unable to push their insulin pen all the way through. However, efficient insulin therapy depends on the correct injection technique.

The creative twist

The "battle cry" YES WE PEN in conjunction with a visual reminiscent of revolutionary movements strikingly conveys the advantages of the product. In this way, the campaign forms an attention-grabbing interruption to the otherwise rather classic addresses with which the target group is often confronted.

The result

The campaign will be played in diabetes trade media with a wide reach and accompanied by comprehensive measures for customer field service communication - with the effect that numerous people with diabetes can finally manage their insulin therapy better thanks to the KwikPen®.

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