The initial situation

With the leek of KadeFemin®, the company DR. KADE Pharmazeutische Fabrik GmbH, already established as a specialist in female intimate health, enters the intimate cosmetics market with a new brand.

The challenge

In the highly competitive market for intimate cosmetics, a new product range has to cause a stir from the outset, but at the same time address the target group with as much empathy as the subject is for many women. The all-round good, fresh feeling, thanks to harmony with the body including the intimate area, should also be reflected in the look of the new care series The goal: to make intimate hygiene with KadeFemin® a part of daily body care for health-conscious women.

The Insight

Health-conscious women are mindful of their intimate areas and want to be supported in this. They want a sensitive yet informal approach when it comes to their intimate hygiene.

The creative twist

We show the intimate and body feeling that the care series promises: A stylized vulva, formed from drops of water, and a simple color gradient in shades of pink and pink convey femininity. The blunt depiction breaks with the taboo topic around female intimate health and lends it aesthetics.

The result

Product folders, package design, mailings with product samples, advertisements and pharmacy displays draw the attention of pharmacists and their customers to the new "Medical Wellness for the Intimate Area. Another highlight: a product film that makes the new KadeFemin® feeling visually and acoustically tangible.

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