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Flaminal Red Dot
Flaminal Red Dot
Flaminal Red Dot
Flaminal Red Dot

The initial situation

The Belgian company Flen Health is launching two products on the German market: Flaminal® hydro and Flaminal® forte enter the competition of pharmacy-only medicines for professional wound care.

The challenge

In order to attract the attention of healthcare professionals (HCPs), such as wound managers and homecare managers, the topic "wound" must first be occupied by the newcomer. The communication of the product benefits and the inclusion of Flaminal® in the product portfolio of HCPs required a correspondingly attention-grabbing brand campaign that puts the new product on the agenda of the target group.

The Insight

Wound healing used to be complex: a wide variety of products existed for its three phases and their medical requirements. Flaminal®, which covers all phases of wound healing, is a real relief.

The creative twist

The special feature of Flaminal® is that it covers all three wound phases. In other words, Flaminal® offers "wound care in a new dimension. And that is precisely what became the brand's guiding principle.

From this central idea, we developed a campaign that brings the new dimension of wound healing to life. An iconic red dot creates the impression that a wound is healing right before our eyes. The complementary colors wound red and cyan blue create a flicker effect that lets viewers watch the wound heal.

The result

The campaign for the product launch captivates healthcare professionals throughout Germany and occupies the "wound" field in terms of brand strategy. The campaign was rolled out across the media and repeatedly charged with new core messages.

Whether in social media, a landing page, classic advertising media such as an endless mailing, in measures for field staff or a trade fair appearance - the "red dot campaign" attracts attention and equates Flaminal® with wound healing.

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