Case emmi-dent
Case emmi-dent

The initial situation

Brushing teeth with conventional manual toothbrushes, but also electric toothbrushes, often results in bleeding gums, gingivitis, irritation of sensitive tooth necks and the abrasion of tooth enamel. With the patented ultrasound technology of emmi®-dent, Emmi Ultra-sonic GmbH provides a remedy.

The challenge

The market for electronic toothbrushes is booming. With many competitors touting new technologies, true innovation can quickly get lost. That's why eye-catching visuals were needed for a strange campaign.

The Insight

Brushing teeth is normally based on the principle of "brushing". The typical consequences of scrubbing are, for example, pain when eating cold or acidic foods. The ultrasonic technology of the emmi®-dent device hingen cleans teeth particularly gently and effectively even without brushing.

The creative twist

The technological superiority of the product is dramatized under the idea of "Radiant white teeth without ouch!". Instead of the gleaming teeth usually shown in campaigns, emmi®-dent transforms objects that normally irritate sensitive tooth necks into iconic white. For example, a lemon, hot coffee or sundae disappears almost entirely on a white background. The resolving slogan: emmi®-dent makes pain invisible.

The result

The creative campaign reaches numerous consumers and, with a specially developed specialist campaign, also dentists. It is played out on a large scale via billboard advertising and social media.

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