Schmittgall HEALTH and emmi®-dent make scrub-free toothbrushing shine

Emmi dent - Brilliant white teeth
"Brushing your teeth without scrubbing" or #AnimalToothTorment - Schmittgall HEALTH accompanied the client Emmi Ultra-sonic GmbH with these attention-grabbing campaigns for the emmi®-pet brand in recent years. Now the creatives from Stuttgart have come up with the people and are restaging the emmi®-dent brand for the Walldorf-based company.

Brushing teeth with conventional manual toothbrushes or conventional electronic toothbrushes is always based on the principle of "brushing". Unintended side effects: Bleeding gums, gingivitis, irritation of sensitive tooth necks, abrasion of tooth enamel. The patented ultrasonic technology from emmi-dent can provide a remedy and cleans teeth particularly gently and effectively even without brushing.

Schmittgall HEALTH is dramatizing this technological superiority of the product with a new creative campaign under the thought "Brilliant white teeth without ouch!".

The idea of the creatives around Gunther Brodhecker, Managing Director Creation at Schmittgall HEALTH: Instead of the radiant teeth usually shown in campaigns, emmi-dent transforms objects that normally irritate sensitive tooth necks into iconic white. For example, a lemon, hot coffee or ice cream cup disappears almost entirely on a white background. The resolving slogan: emmi-dent makes pain invisible.

The campaign is aimed at patients and, with a specially developed specialist campaign, at dentists. It is played out on a large scale via billboard advertising and social media.


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