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Waiting times for a doctor's appointment are getting longer and longer. The need for serious and reliable information on health topics is therefore constantly increasing. Medfluencers or MedCreators provide correct and scientifically substantiated information in a way that is attractive to their target group. Professionally planned MedCreator campaigns are therefore an innovative tool for taking communication with patients to a new level.

MedCreator Marketing taps into the deeply human need for personal relationships and recommendations from experts when it comes to health. With sound scientific and medical expertise, MedCreators use various channels to raise awareness of illnesses among laypeople and provide information about treatment options.

As members of a medical profession, medcreators already have a very high reputation by nature. However, in contrast to influencer campaigns, many regulations such as the professional code of conduct for doctors and the Therapeutic Products Advertising Act must be taken into account when selecting MedCreators, in addition to aspects such as brand and expertise fit. In order to meet these special requirements, we combine our expertise from over 40 years of healthcare communication with our many years of experience in creator marketing.

This results in high-quality and reliable MedCreator campaigns that achieve a relevant and optimal reach. So that your topic is firmly anchored in the relevant set of your target group.

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