Healthcare inbound marketing made by Schmittgall.

Health is most important to Germans, closely followed by family and close relationships. Healthcare inbound marketing combines these two values: an online presence with helpful solutions to health issues builds trusting, long-term and reciprocal relationships between customers or patients or doctors and companies.

Because nothing is more irresistible than genuine benefit.

Digital health is experiencing an unprecedented and decisive growth spurt as a result of and during the coronavirus crisis. New business models are emerging, video consultations and telemedicine are established among doctors and patients at a stroke, reimbursements from digital apps are becoming possible, new digital field service tools are being used immediately, existing services are being digitized or newly created, and business is being consistently shifted to online business. At the same time, the cultural change in topics, service and information behavior towards a digitalized life will continue to accelerate significantly in the healthcare sector.

This means that every company in and around the healthcare sector has to rethink or think anew. The developments have an impact on almost all aspects of a company.

The attractive benefits of healthcare inbound marketing at a glance

  • Strong brand positioned and digital presence established on the market
  • High digital visibility and a continuously full lead pipeline ensured
  • High-quality leads achieved by addressing specific target groups
  • New customers and more products and services sold
  • Marketing activities made measurable through automated tracking
  • Increased efficiency of marketing and sales
  • Created deep and long-term customer relationships that are valuable for leads, customers and companies alike
Attractive advantages of healthcare inbound marketing

Healthcare Inbound Marketing

How a small online encounter turns into a deep relationship


Position your company, your product, your service in such a way that potential leads become aware of you online without any obligation.

Who are you?


In exchange for useful content, the visitor leaves their data such as telephone number or e-mail address, but also information about user behavior or about the interests, problems and needs of the target group. Now you can contact the potential customer.

Can I have your number?


Something is brewing here. If you want to convince a potential partner, you plan activities that interest or inspire the other person. Healthcare inbound marketing also involves providing the lead with suitable, relevant content in order to present yourself as an attractive partner. If there is no interest, the contact will bounce at this stage at the latest.

I can help you with that


The goal is a long-term partnership that is based on trust and requires continuous interaction and care. A customer who has been reliably helped with their problem will return, buy again or tell others about their positive experience.

Not without you

We are your partner!

At Schmittgall HEALTH, we guarantee maximum quality with healthcare inbound marketing and the security of a structured, well-founded, systematic and reliable approach based on clear principles. Drawing on years of healthcare expertise in an interdisciplinary team consisting of communication professionals, doctors and digital natives, we offer you the complete package for your inbound marketing strategy. An initial potential assessment and analysis is followed by the development and implementation of a content strategy and the tracking of your marketing campaign. Our team of online experts is on hand to advise you as a trusted partner at every stage of your campaign.

What is healthcare inbound marketing?

What is healthcare inbound marketing

Healthcare inbound marketing is a relationship-based marketing strategy with appeal. The focus is on the customer and their needs. These can be patients with health questions or problems, but also doctors or pharmacists who are looking for optimal therapies or services for their patients. Providers have the opportunity to use the pull effect and draw customers' attention to their company or product and also establish themselves as a long-term, reliable and trustworthy problem solver in the target group. Website traffic, CTAs and forms can be used to collect data about prospective buyers at different stages of the buying process - with the aim of knowing the other person and optimizing content accordingly in order to convert leads into customers and customers into advocates in the long term.

Marketing strategy

A healthcare inbound campaign in combination with corresponding outbound marketing measures can be easily integrated into your existing communication strategy and provides an interface between marketing activities and sales.


Tools & measures of healthcare inbound marketing:

There are plenty of ways to reach the target group. Which tools are used to provide content and ultimately lead conversion depends on the message to be conveyed, the healthcare persona and the customer journey phase.

Healthcare inbound marketing customer journey

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