Wolf Stroetmann

The Internet offers valuable health information, but it is also the ideal place for hypochondriacs. No matter what symptoms are Googled, the results of the search are usually evidence for anxious patients that man or woman - possibly - suffers from a deadly disease. More and more people are afflicted with so-called cyberchondria, as a joint study by Schmittgall Health and K&A BrandResearch shows.

Authors: Wolf Stroetmann, Schmittgall Health, and Dr. Uwe Lebok, K&A BrandResearch

Anyone who is ill or comes from the doctor with a diagnosis of a serious illness uses the Internet as their primary information medium. TV and print media, on the other hand, are moving further and further into the background. Thus, Dr. Google is the central source of initial information for all questions about health or illness. According to Statista, more than two-thirds of the German population search the Internet for health-related information, and the trend is rising. So much for the preliminary considerations on the topic of healthcare influencers.

Published in Healthcare Marketing No.7/2021


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